How A Small Business Can Create A Memorable Brand

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Business owners and entrepreneurs know what branding is and know that it’s something of great importance, but they don’t necessary know why it works. They spend a lot of time and money getting their website and social media accounts to look a certain way but ignore the consumer psychology connections that attract loyal customers.

Branding isn’t only about the look of your logo, what fonts you use and getting the correct shade of blue on all your marketing materials. That is the surface level of branding, important, but not the real reason customers buy from you. To start out, yes you need a branding guide to make sure you have continuity across all social platforms and marketing materials. Once you’ve done that, it is time to take a much deeper look at what branding is all about.

Your brand is the representation of your business, values and services. It answers questions like; why did you start this company and what are your core company values. Take time to write out these values, mission statements and beliefs in order to start carving out your brand.

If it helps, think of your company as a person. A person has a specific look, defined values and reacts to situations in a predictable manner that is consistent with their personality. Give your business a personality and consumers will have an easier time connecting with you on an emotion level, and that type of connection is what leads people to buy from you over and over again.

Don’t spend all of your marketing budget on branding. I know that sounds counter-intuitive but when you are a small business working with a small marking budget you have to be accountable for every cent spent. Branding isn’t only about marketing but also about the customer experience. Spend time and money on creating an extraordinary customer experience and those customers will be come your raving fan club, referring you to their family and friends.

Be truly innovative. Take the time to take photos and film short videos that give customers a peek behind the curtain. Buyers love to see what goes on inside their favorite brands. Make content that gives you a deeper connection to your customers. That’s one of the ways the BizzAlley helps you grow your brand, by helping you share experiencing with customers from all over the world, like the United States, Australia, Canada, India and the UAE.

It might be surprising to find out that smaller businesses actually have a leg up on their larger competition when it comes to true emotional branding. Large multi-conglomerate businesses are slow moving with many points of approval before any changes can be made. A small business or sole proprietor can make adjustments on the fly and grab on to social trends much faster. You might also be able to use the local market or family owned branding that many people are gravitating towards these days. These small advantages will yield big results when utilized correctly. 

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