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There are over 1 billion social media users worldwide now. If you are casting a wide net when looking for social media followers, then there is a good chance you are missing out on the small fraction of that total who live within driving distance of your business. Unless your business is intangible or ships worldwide, you’ll be looking for local people. This article talks about special tactics you can use to find local potential customers using three of the largest social media platforms.

Local Facebook Users

Over the last few years, ever since ads became a popular marketing tool on Facebook, businesses have seen a downward trend in local organic reach. The most obvious way to find local customers on Facebook is, of course, to buy advertising. Facebook has collected so much data on people that you can laser-focus on your perfect customer and be able to afford ads even on a small budget.

There are a few other free ways to attract locals as well, such as: posting about local events, commenting on local events, connecting and collaborating with other local businesses, tagging other businesses and your customers in posts about them. Tagging really ups your visibility as the posts are shown to all the users that follow people you have tagged. You can also encourage customers to “check in” at your location using in-store signage and discount promotions.

Local Twitter Users

You can easily find local people on Twitter using location based hashtags. You can also search for lists of local people that your other Twitter followers have made. Check out competing Twitter accounts and follow the people that follow them. You can also use advance search to combine a local area with keywords. For instance, if you were a local coffee shop you could search for “coffee lovers” within 15 miles from your store.

Local Instagram Users

If you are using beautiful photos and graphics to build up a branding Instagram account, make sure to include and hashtag local landmarks, groups and sports teams. Since Facebook owns Instagram you can also do targeting geography-based paid promotional posts. Use local hashtags to find people that live near your business. Hashtags like “HoustonForever” or “NYCGIRL” can help you find locals.

Tag photos, add local hashtags and tag customers or local businesses to increase your organic reach. On all social media account make sure to reference your service area in your profile.

Using these local social media tactics can really help you find and connect with people that live near you and are likely to shop with you. Using a business app like Bizzalley can help you find and connect to your customers as well. Download it today and give it a try! 

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