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No matter what products or services you sell, you need to include a blog on your website. Don’t let the idea of having to create and manage a blog scare you off, most of the work can be outsourced easily without a huge hit to your pocket book. While running a blog might seem like a monumental task, the benefits are undeniable. Here are three reasons that your company needs to add a blog to its website.

1.     Become A Resource And Build Trust.
People that shop for goods and services from smaller boutique business online and offline love a good story. A blog will help you connect with your customers on a personal level while making you into a resource for information and an expert in your field. You can write reviews, interviews, how-to tutorials and more. All of these content ideas will help build credibility with your audience.

2.     Drive Traffic With Social Media.
It’s extremely difficult to drive traffic to your website on social media without having a consistent source of content to link to. Posting a generic image for your company and adding the words “come visit us,” will not get you very far. To build a successful social platform that funnels potential customers to your doorstep, you need blog articles to link to. Pair your inspirational or informative blog post with a great image optimized for social media and you have a winning combination to get more traffic.

3.     Your Website Can’t Get Found Without Fresh Content and SEO.
Even if your website looks fantastic, no one is going to be able to find it when they search for keywords related to your business if you don’t have a blog. Google rewards fresh content and consistently updated websites. If you don’t include a blog on your website you will be missing out on using tons of key words that direct traffic your way. Without posting new blog articles that are optimized for search engines to find them, you will have no choice but to rely on paid advertising to get your website found by customers. You have to pay to play on just about all search engines and social media sites, unless you can come up with viral content that the public loves.

Consider adding a blog to your website today, even if you have to outsource the writing and posting of the blog articles to a third party. Use blogging in conjunction with the BizzAlley app to draw customers in and make them loyal fans. BizzAlley works great with business from the US, Australia, Canada, India and the UAE. 

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